139…Great results from Peacehaven community school

by frances doherty on May 21, 2015

Last week I nipped back to France for a couple of day to switch the kiln on and check on the garden. It’s a tricky time of year to be away from it….seeds are coming up, everything needs cutting and the weather is all over the place. At this time of year the garden changes hugely every few days, everything is growing so fast, and when I’v been away for a week or so, I see it with fresh eyes when I come back. This is lovely as I get a rare chance to appreciate the garden for maybe half an hour or so before I start seeing what needs to be done.

blooming garden

blooming garden

The white Wisteria and mock orange are filling the garden with a heavy scent that is just glorious. At the end of last year, one of my workawayers, Alice, transplanted lots of my little London Pride plants into another part of the garden,

London Pride

London Pride

and now it’s all flowering and looking beautiful.

In the vegetable garden the asparagus has come up early this year….and I was worried it was all going to have turned to fern,



luckily it had only just started, and I managed to cut enough for the next four meals. Feeling ever so slightly over it after that….but by the time the next ones come through I’ll be looking forward to it again. The rhubarb was making a bolt for freedom too, chucking its forcing bin off,



but I managed to capture and roast it.

Last autumn I did a workshop at Peacehaven community school (blog 124). I was working with children a little older than usual and we had a fun day. I was really impressed with the work they did and have been waiting to see how it all came out of the kiln. This took a while as their kiln is small and the work had to be put through in stages. But finally the images of the work arrived last week, and here they are;



Great aren’t they? I hope the workshop may have inspired some of them to continue to explore the creative arts. This is sadly lacking in so many schools these days.

This weekend is the final one of our Open House. If you haven’t been to see us yet…do come along and see our colourful exhibiton! Open 11-5, saturday and sunday.


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