125…Edurne’s totem

by frances doherty on October 26, 2014

I have a lot of students passing through my studio, which means a lot of work to get through the kilns when they finish. This summer I had a Mexican student who worked with me for 2 months, sent here from the Talavera Ceramic school in Spain. She wanted to learn how to throw larger pieces, so I got her to work on a totem. This week it came out of the glaze firing.

Edu's totem

Edu’s totem

It is a very splendid thing. And, luckily for me, it is staying here in my garden.

I had another student earlier in the year from France…this week her first teapot came out of the kiln too,

Gaelle's first teapot

Gaelle’s first teapot

It is a nice weight, and should pour well…your first teapot is always special….they are not the easiest things to get right. It always feels like a milestone has been reached when you make one of these.

In this little village we have to take our entertainment where we can find it. The most social occasion of the week is usually the Sunday morning market, but this week we were treated to an evening of Jaques Brel music and poetry,

Jaques Brel musicians

Jaques Brel musicians

this is not easy when French isn’t your first language….but the poetry spoken clearly and slowly was easier to understand than we had feared….and I liked the music.

A late autumn means the leaves are only just starting to turn on the trees, but our street signpost,

Autumn arriving

Autumn arriving

is clothed in a coat of many colours….gorgeous.

The squash harvest is in,

a golden congregation

a golden congregation

and I have plenty of squash to keep us in pumpkin soup until christmas. The other squash is Trombonchino….these are sliced and baked where they puff up and taste delicious…the nicest of them all!


124…A workshop at Peacehaven Community School

October 14, 2014

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October 7, 2014

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